The 1667 Collection

Sixteen Sixty-Seven, in this context, is the name of a novel that doesn’t exist. However to a certain number of people around a certain time of year, it’s the word count one must achieve in order to write a 50,000 word novel in thirty days.

All names and likenesses are coincidental blahblahblah, but to the best of my knowledge, Erma Novelist (no-VELL-ist) doesn’t exist, and if she did, I’m fairly certain she didn’t write a book. Especially this  one. She is a product of my imagination. So’s the book.

This whole endeavor is an homage. It’s an homage to a publishing company that has become almost synonymous with classic literature. This is my version of a motivational poster, but instead of framing a picture with an inspirational quote underneath it, I chose to fold the message into an idea. But, you’re all Smarty McSmartypants anyway. You don’t need me to explain that, right?

Look, without naming names and going into too much detail, I love this style of book covers. And yes, instead of taking a week of my life (a surprisingly short amount of time for this project, all things considered) and consider the design for each one, and then designing them, I could have gone the easier route and designed something that’s been done to death. Yes, it would have been easier. Yes, I would have avoided scrutiny. But if I did, the idea would have so diluded and lost that it wouldn’t have been worth the effort. I love this style. Personally speaking, these covers bring me comfort. Like, strolling through a bookstore while an espresso machine hisses in the background kind of comfort.

And I’m fairly certain that I’m not the only one that feels that way.

So, getting back to the whole fictional context thingy, Erma’s story was very graciously bought up and published by the also quite fictitious Pigeon Publishing. Even though this “story” was “written” in the post WWII era (supposedly), it appears that the editors at the fictional publishing house considered it timeless enough to be reissued right up to the present day, as the progression of the fictitious covers will attest to…fictitiously…


This project was a labor of love. I wanted to create something that spoke directly to the aspiring writer and the accomplished author. I wanted to make something for them to look at and be moved to finish that manuscript. I wanted to make something for the writer to hang over her desk, or cover his body with, so they could look at it and say, “Yes. Erma Writer too.”

Anyway, these are available until the “Cease and Desist” order comes through!

The link under each item goes to my store. While you’re there, please click on the Available Products tab. Just in case you wanted any of these in a poster instead of a t-shirt. Thanks for checking them out. Thank you for shopping.

 The Classic

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The earliest version published still in circulation. Since the end of the War, people started gobbling up printed stories at an astounding rate. Erma Novelist’s epic tale of love and power, mystery and intrigue went on to become a bestseller for many years to come.

This particular specimen was rescued from a booksellers in Hempstead, London.



The Pigeon Crime Series

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The early 60s saw a shift in style. No longer was it just enough to grab the reader’s attention with a simple color scheme. A narrative had to be used, and that meant distinct cover art.

Due to budgetary restraints at the time, Pigeon Publishing could only work with a limited color pallette. However, it ended up working in their favor, as their commissioned artists turned over monochromatic masterpieces for years. The result has influenced generations of artists, and is highly sought after today.

Once fairly common in previous decades, rabid collectors have rendered this issue extremely rare. This one was picked up in a yard sale in Scottsdale, Arizona.


The New Classic

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And here we are in the present. Erma’s classic novel is now a mainstay in libraries and classrooms. Several stage and screen adaptations have been produced and performed, it has been translated into 30 different languages, and is possibly one of the most quoted works of fiction in the late 20th Century.

She has written several other books since the start of her career, those many years ago. But none of them had the timeless quality as her powerful, breakthrough novel.

This copy is still available on the shelves of any given retail book shop.


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Related Swag

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Yup. I’ve succumbed to the zeitgeist. Still though… keep writing!

Printed on a wide variety of things. It’s available as black on white, white on black, or the familiar white on red background.






Available in a variety of colors on a variety of things.


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