Last rays of sunshine for a while over the Halifax River.

The last post was meant to be a throw away. A doodle. Something to post to let people know that I’m still tending the light over here and that things were going normally.

It took me three weeks to churn out over 3000 words. Three weeks for something that was essentially a warm-up piece. I have several other WIPs in progress, and the idea that every single one of them will get easier the more I do, and I want to get to them. Life and other distractions notwithstanding, I plan to keep going. Hopefully, the next one will be two weeks, then the next will be one. Things will always get in the way.

I want to keep going.

…Except… I might be experiencing a bit of a setback this week.

For the past few days, a strong and potentially deadly hurricane has been forming just south of Cuba. As of this post, it has chewed up the Bahamas, and is making a bee line to the Space Coast. By the time he arrives, he will be a Category 4 hurricane. By the time he arrives, he will be landing somewhere in Daytona Beach. Just down the street from me. The last time I experienced this, was in 2004 when Florida probably forgot to pay some karmic debt from a millenia ago, and Fate set Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne loose with a couple of aluminium bats  to collect.

It felt like they were coming after me. They almost completely destroyed the town I was living in. It took over a year to fully recover. I moved further north since then. It still feels like they’re coming after me.

For a frame of reference as to how bad a Category 4 is, Hurricane Katrina was a Category 3 when she touched down.

Although everything else would be a cakewalk compared to 2004, I would be lying if I didn’t say I was more than a little nervous.

Matthew is a Category 4. Maximum sustained winds averaging 130 miles an hour. Rain flying at you at about the same speed as a bullet. Power lines supported by poles that haven’t been replaced or modified in years will eventually buckle and break through the winds that a strong enough to push a car down the street against its will. Power outages will be widespread, water and other resources will be scarce. Houses that come with a set of wheels are going to be the most at risk. Dead oak branches from ancient trees will take their revenge on any structure near them. Mayhem will ensue. Services will be slow to respond.

Matthew is a Category 4. Category Fours do not fuck around.

I am a little nervous.

But, we’re Floridians, right? With a capital ‘F’. This isn’t our first go-around. 2004 had an army of storms. This time, it’s only one. Just one. A couple of days of horrible and possibly deadly weather, and that’s it. Just strap in, pack up everything that isn’t nailed down, hunker down and wait.

…and if it suits you, pray.

It’ll be over soon.

So, just a note in case things go south around here. I just want to say thank you for all the follows and likes and comments. Thank you for the encouragement. Thank you for allowing me to open a new chapter in my life and run with it.

The skies have darkened, and tree branches of every shape and size that surround my house have started dancing. This is how it starts. The orchestra warming up.

I want to keep going. I want to keep writing. I want to keep doodling until I get it right. I just wanted to let you know that if this might be the last post I make…

…it’s been a pleasure.



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