This is it.

This is where I got my feet wet.

This is the first image that iAuthor posted that I decided to play with.

“We’re here for the Thriller audition?”

For the few of you who probably have never seen this before, this is the DVD cover art for the 1980 version of John Carpenter’s, “The Fog“. I couldn’t find the original artist for this, so I’m going to have to presume that John Carpenter himself made it. I have never seen the original, or the reboot, so I have no idea what’s going on. Is it zombies? Vampires? Zombie Vampires? Radioactive Groundskeepers? A Satanic Cosplaying Cult? I honestly do not know. As much as I think John Carpenter is a cinematic god, he does seem to have a commonality to his films. However, I could be wrong. Since I haven’t seen this one, he might have just taken this opportunity to branch out in a different direction. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this movie has monsters in it. Perhaps lots of nightmare inducing graphic violence involving lots of horrifically stabby things. Maybe there will be a gratuitous boob shot thrown in there as well to keep the fanboys attention. But hey, what do I know? The movie might be about cute and fuzzy woodland creatures humping each other like mad while Gordon Gekko puts For Sale signs in front of their warrens while riding a unicorn that craps gold doubloons. I’ll watch it someday to make sure.

And, don’t spoil it. I’ll find out for myself if the white girl dies at the end or not.

Never mind that. Instead of having the First Person Narrative reel in horror because a gaggle of soulless creatures are lumbering towards him out of some spooky fog to use his brain for taco meat, I went with a different approach.

Thank you for reading.



Brotherhood of The Light

And suddenly, I could feel nothing. Not the mud under my boot, not the sword in my hand, not the wound in my side. Nothing. The cool mist cleaned my brow and my lungs and at first, all was dark. I walked. I knew not in what direction. I had found the strength to walk again, and anywhere was better than standing still. It felt like north. I walked until the pain in my side was dulled by the pain in my feet. I walked, convinced that this was all that was left of the world. I walked until I saw light. A magnificent blue glow that rendered the darkness useless. I walk toward it, hoping I would find my rest. Instead, I found my fallen brethren, and they were walking to me with arms outstretched, and eyes aglow. At long last, I have found my home. At long last, I have found my rest.


©2016 AA Payson


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