20160629_180716I wrote a thousand words today.

Over, as a matter of fact. One thousand and two was the last count I had. I have written over a thousand words towards my current project today.

Granted, yes all of them were going towards notes in a storyboard. But, there were words involved in the overall process. Over a thousand of them.

Now, before you either laugh at my amateurish milestone, or pet me on the head for doing such a good job, consider that up until a few days ago, 1,000 words was still pretty much a lofty goal.  Considering that today might have been a fluke because I mistakenly thought yesterday was today, and got most of my chores done yesterday. So it might have been a direct result of more time to devote to writing today. I’m trying not to congratulate myself too much because I’m not sure if this will happen again.

Also, it’s notes. Not dialog, not intricate sub-plots or meandering back stories, not narratives depicting the scenery or how someone was dressed. It’s notes. Something that isn’t even going towards my final word count goal. I just wrote a thousand words that essentially don’t matter. Like Bernie Sanders trying to run as a Democrat.

[political commentary…check.]

Just so we’re clear, a thousand words isn’t unheard of. It can be done if, like I said, the deck was cleared, the kids are preoccupied, and things didn’t have to get cleaned right away. Shit, on a good day, 1500 isn’t unheard of. It’s expected.

Still though, typing a thousand words for a project might have knocked the wind out of me last week. Today, it feels like Miller Time. Tomorrow, next week, next month, whenever I get back to the draft, it’ll feel like a day in the mines.

But, at least it’ll be much easier since I started taking notes and using Scrivener. So… a day at the mines, with quick access to a Starbucks kind of thing.

I wrote out my note cards last week. This week, I write notes that go into further detail in the chapter and take care of some rudimentary blocking. Today, I almost fell victim to not following along with what I jotted down last week. The notes that I wrote today were not lining up with the synopsis on the card. More to the point, the action was going faster than anticipated. To fix it, I went back through the notes, and made a small change in the plot that made everything line up, and everything was hunky-dorey. No big deal, but if I were writing this as a draft with no notes, I think stopping the forward momentum to go back and change something that happened 5 pages ago, would have derailed everything. Like usual.

Another project gone to rot in the boneyard.

But not today. Today, I’m a thousand words richer. I’m a thousand words closer. Technically, they don’t count…on paper. But it counts for me. Last month, I was hovering around 800. Today, it’s a thousand. Next month, I’m shooting for double. It feels like I’m in training.

Go me!



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