A lesson learned from trying to keep a three day a week blogging schedule.


Based on previous experience, nobody reads things on a Friday.

At least, not my stuff anyway.

It’s not a hard and fast fact. I’m sure that there are Friday post-a-rama’s out there that cap off the end of the week to a bajillion views.

For me, I try and finish up any project by Thursday morning so it could be posted later that day, that way all of us can enjoy the weekend together. And at the end of the week, that’s all that counts. Right, Mousketeers?

As a general rule, nothing gets done on a Friday. By that I mean, nothing gets posted on Friday…nothing important gets posted on Friday.

But seeing that is indeed Friday, and this week has been taken up with mapping out a decent website, hosting for said website, rebranding my name (clearing the deck over on Twitter and my other social media sites), and merchandising options among other things, it seems like a good time to point out that nothing was completed today. Except for lunch. And dishes. And a load or two of laundry.

Today was a day for gathering resources and ideas. Resources and ideas for merchandise. Merchandise that will one day be sold on this site. I won’t bother with the details this time around. Perhaps later, as things come together, I’ll post a nice tl;dr backstory.

A hint of what I have planned: it has to do with a style of book cover. And in my search of getting what I need, I stumbled across this site. An hour or so later, this is what I came away with…


Now, I’ve resigned myself to Friday’s being a wash. And this little distraction was done at the end of the day, so no harm done. If anything, this was a study in crafting an attention grabbing headline. So, in the process of getting distracted, I ended up cultivating new ideas for future projects.

A new lesson learned. Inspiration comes from unlikely places.


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