I have this recurring dream where I show up for work in a Lebowski-esque, ratty ass bathrobe, and equally ratty ass boxer shorts. The job is located in a glass and steel fortress that is mostly inhabited by inflated 3 piece suits. Nobody acknowledges me, nobody cares. I’m there to give a presentation for something, and I get frustrated halfway through it because no one can seem to take me seriously. And then everyone is naked. Then there’s a bagel.

Actually, none of that’s true.big-lebowski-still-hr-6

I made that up.

I’m a storyteller, it’s what I do.

Blahblahblah creative license, blahblahblah creative analogy…

Nope, I can say with a degree of certainty that I have never had the “show up to school naked” dream. Mine were more surreal and terrifying, but I digress.

Still though…

I can also state with a degree of certainty that I have never doodled my name in a notebook to see how it would look like on a book cover or a marquee. I have devoted pages┬áto practicing my signature to where it could almost be mistaken for a doctor’s chicken scratch. But, blowing up my name to where it takes up the entire page? Not so much.

It’s a low self esteem thing, I guess. Maybe I had bigger things on my mind.

It’s not that I don’t like my name, I’m just not used to seeing it…you know…big. I was raised in the quasi-puritanical Northeast where things are rather modest and subdued. “Making your name big like that?” my inner Mainer would huff disapprovingly. “Well, now you’re just showing off.”

Welp too bad, Person in my Head! If I’m to brand myself as a flesh and blood writer, and not some anonymous hack, it’s time for me to put my Big Boy Pants on, suck it up, and face the world as a person…and a brand… who’s branding himself…as a person…SEO…

…I’m still working it out…

As of this post, my presence on WordPress will no longer be regarded as “The Writers Bloc”. That identity will still be present over at Blogger, where it will hopefully live up to its namesake. From here on in, this here site will be affiliated with my name.

As I’ve previously mentioned, this is the first step in my shuffling around of office furniture to make better sense of my surroundings. If all goes well, maybe within the year I’ll be buying domains, and make myself legit. Also, as much as I hate doing it, I gag might get a Facebook page.

That’s in the future.

Right now, the new site is: aapayson.wordpress.com

…still cringe a little looking at it.

Maybe it’s because I never thought I’d be here.

I’ll get used to it. Maybe even take a little pride in it.

If I’m going to do this, it’s time to lose the ratty ass bathrobe, and put on a uniform.



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