To every expert and pundit who said that no one would show up.

To every television talking head spinning a web of apathy.

To every 1% Puppet thinking that they can just buy their way into power.

To every person who anchors themselves to their couch thinking that they won’t matter.

To Big Oil

To Big Pharm

To Big Agro

To GMO, HGH, and to everyone convinced that ACA won’t work.

To every corporation who claims that a raise in wages will kill their business, while at the same time, making sure their workers stay below the poverty line.

To all the suits who think that a pipeline bisecting our country is still a good idea, while changing the subject when asked how this will benefit us.

“Jobs!” they say.

“What jobs?” we reply.

To the Powers That Be who can’t find it within their budget to fund a public school, yet find enough scratch for more prisons.

To every Congressman who couldn’t get off their ass and get some work done.

…guess what I did this weekend?


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