Motivation Monday – Straylight Run

It was coming up on the four year anniversary of being single.

Not that it was a milestone to be celebrated, it was a very dark time. I was independent by choice. The pendulum swing of relationships I’ve had in my life had to stop; I would leave, find someone else, they would leave and so on… After the last one left, I needed to stop and remain single for the good of all humanity.

…at least, that’s what I would say…

In all honesty, I was a train wreck. I was unable and unwilling to form any sort of human bond, because it felt like I forgot how. It felt like it wasn’t worth it. This was right around the time I started writing.

Inasmuch as being single might suck for some people, being single while going on a cruise to the Bahamas really sucked. It was an experience that I might blog at length about some other time but, I don’t feel like going down that road at the moment.

Anyway, while waiting for the boat to dock back on domestic shores, I decided to flip on the ship’s television while I packed the rest of my bags. The ship had a few music channels. One of them was an alternative channel. In the time it took to get all stuff in order, I discovered Modest Mouse, Badly Drawn Boy, Taking Back Sunday and a band by the name of Straylight Run. I knew nothing of the Emo genre, but I knew I had to get their album as soon as I heard this song…

Sad but hopeful. It suited my mood, and it became my adopted anthem for a while. It helped me get out of my head.

What is/was your anthem to help you elevate your mood?

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