That New Blog Smell…

moving day...
moving day…

Excuse me while I tear down the drapes, peel back the old dust covers, and take in that familiar musty aroma of a closed-in area. Old houses, storefronts, office park residences, they all have that unmistakable odor of neglect. It’s not altogether unpleasant, rather, it has the smell of opportunity, of possibility, of starting fresh…

…of starting over.

Tonight, I will slowly walk through this place with my arms folded behind me; inspecting every wall and doorway from ceiling to floor, mentally plotting my new home.

Over the next few days, I will be acclimating myself to WordPress. After spending a few years over at Blogger, I feel it’s time for a new location and a new way of doing things. I love my old place and I intend to keep it for a while, but I also feel it’s time to stretch out a little further.

Plans are in the works and the “Space For Rent” sign has been yanked out of the window. Tomorrow is all about cleaning the glass, polishing the counter tops, and calling the electric company to turn the lights on. Very important.

Watch this space. Good things are coming.



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