Inaugural Flash Fiction Friday…#Writingeekery

Let this be this inaugural post to something that will go on for a while…

For the past week or so, I’ve been doing a little soul searching. I’ve been looking at my lackluster stats and wondering how I can increase my viewership. In the course of doing so, I let the blogs with titles such as “Top 10 Reasons Why Your Blog Sucks” get to me. The more I read on the topic, the more I realize that I might be blogging wrong.

The blogosphere can be broken down into two categories:

  1. Blogs That Are Basically Online Journals. What you had for dinner. Where you went on vacation. How your bowling league is doing. All credible in their own right, but it’s something I’m trying to evolve from. My posts are mainly fictional accounts of my past life as seen through a kaleidoscope. Entertaining? I suppose so, but it’s nothing really useful other than for me working out my writer’s muscles…such as they are.
  2. Blogs That Impart Knowledge. How To… Top 10 Things That… Amaze-Balls Solutions To… Approximately 90% of all blogs out there start out with any combination of these words in its title. Why? Because subliminally, people are satisfied with lists, and are drawn to countdowns and are constantly searching for answers.

That’s all the internet is, apparently. A repository for lists. A repository for lists that are based on lists that were based on other lists. They all say the same thing, offer the same information, and I let it all get to me. I let it stain what I’m trying to do.

…Well, what am I trying to do?” I would ask myself over and over again. I was at a loss for an answer.

What have I got? A collection of editorial ramblings that are of little value to anyone but me. And that’s a stretch to call it that too, depending on the subject. I need to write. I’d like to write well. I’d like to influence people. I’d like to stick in people’s imaginations. Sometimes, the tank is on empty and I have nothing. I’d like to write well, but sometimes I fall on my face. And it’s been happening a lot lately.

What would I like? I would like to write more. If I have taken away even the slightest kernel of knowledge from the blogs that tell me to employ a CTA, the one thing they all have in common is to be consistent. Always post, even if it’s on a weekly or monthly basis. Be consistent. Bebe…consistent. It doesn’t matter if I’m posting the latest in SEO news or how frequent my son’s diaper changes are. Just keep writing. Just keep posting.

For a week, I’ve been looking for a place to start. When I should have been looking for a place to stop. By that I mean, I’m looking for structure; a guideline, anything to reign me in a little and force me to focus on what I’m doing. I needed something that looks an awful lot like a deadline. It’s hard to be herded into the barn when you’ve been out in the pasture for so long. Well, that changed last night with a firm resolve and the opening of a WordPress account.

Starting now, I will be posting (trying to post) 3 days a week. Since I’m using a framework to prop up my writing, the days will be broken down thusly….

  • Motivation Monday: These posts will be focusing on my desire to work in Photoshop and Illustrator as well as fulfilling the need to contribute to my Inspirational & Motivational Quotes Community. These are generally time consuming projects so focusing on these will more than likely drive me to do better work in a smaller amount of time. Also, motivational quotes are good to me…well…motivated.
  • Whatever the Hell I Want Wednesday: Interesting news article? Posted. A how-to piece that I found extremely helpful? Posted. Cute Cat pictures? Posted. Random commentary? Posted. Helpful? Maybe…we’ll see.
  • (Flash) Fiction Friday: I’ve been scratching things out in my lonely notebook and hatching out a tale told in chapters. I have a few more in queue once I finish in that, and something tells me that I’ll never truly be at a loss for inspiration to keep going. Friday’s post will be all about stories, but occasionally I will happily put on my flash-fiction hat and see where that takes me. Although I’m one to consider my “flash” fiction more like tiny novels and less like the quick scenes they should be, I need to do the occasional flash fiction to again, reign myself in. I’m teaching myself to be disciplined. There is a bounty of writing prompts out there.

And today was no different…

Today is Friday, and I just happened upon a posting by writing coach and editor extraordinaire, +MJ Bush and her continuing writing prompt challenges entitled “Tell Me A Story”. Today’s challenge is as follows…
Don’t worry about not seeing the rest of the picture, it’s included below.
Capping it at 200 words was just the motivation I needed. I have included my contribution as well as the picture. Please, you’re support an feedback is always welcomed. Thank you very much for all of your encouragement, so without any further ado, here is my flash fiction piece.
“No no no, mother no…stay WITH me!”

The dead twigs and crimson leaves were crushed under heavier foot than when she was a child.

“STAY with me, mother. It’s only a little further…”

drove her. For the forest had grown larger and more dense from her
childhood. She only had a vague recollection and had to draw from as she
paused to catch her breath and hold her dying mother close to her.

be here,” she pleaded to no one, “Please be here, please be here,
please be….is this it, mother? Is this the clearing you brought me to
when I was sick? Is it? It must be…it has to be…”

She frantically
dragged her mother’s heavy, dying body to the center of a ring of
sprawling Ash trees. There were words. Words that her mother tearfully
spoke when her daughter was dying of pneumonia and she brought her to
this very clearing.

“What were they…it…I can’t remem..” Fear and
desperation filled her lungs as her mother’s wilted inside her chest. 
Then a spark…


The trees whispered. The leaves glowed as they flew up to meet them.


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