I Stand In The Company of Dragonflies

Artwork by Jessica “Crystal-rex”Postle

Two steps in
With a million eyes upon me,
I know I’m in their house
                               their turf
                                      their kingdom
Stranger in a strange land.

Four steps in
They bring me forward
Not to destroy me, but to welcome me as their savoir
                                                                           their provider
                                                                                        their king
Unwitting accomplice.

Thirty steps in
And I drive their quarry in front of me
Nameless, faceless, they scatter to the embrace of trained, elegant hunters
                                                                                                    perfect killers
                                                                                                                 soulless devourers
Lambs to the slaughter.

One hundred steps in
I am no longer an innocent farmer
I am an assassin sent to do the dirty work of an ancient race
                                                                            but I’m no killer
                                                                                         I’m only doing my job
…I’m only doing my job.

They pat me on the back and wink as if to say,
“Well done, Captain.”
Smoke and dust coat my lungs,
As a reward.

Two hundred steps in
My job is finished
I stand with my back to the sun
                                catching my breath
                                             waiting to return home, but for now…
…I stand in the company of dragonflies.

©2014 Anthony Payson/The Writers’ Bloc


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