I Create

Carín: “I make” in Quenya.

It may also be loosely translated to, “I create, one who makes, creator”.

These are the days where I’ll try new things to see what sticks. Can’t do a variation on a theme? Can’t give a nod and a wink to pop culture? Can’t participate in the zeitgeist of meme-dom? Am I not acceptably speaking your language? Fine.

I’ll speak another language.

I’m learning Quenya. Not because I feel the need to be COMPLETE chick magnet or anything…

That’s right, baby! I’m fluent in Quenya, Na’vi, AND Klingon…whaddaya say we ditch these losers at the Anime Expo and go back to my place and catch a Big Bang Theory marathon?

I’m learning it because I believe I can make something out of it. It’s interesting to look at and fun to write. Am I going to exclusively go in this direction and put this on everything I make? Not really. I view it as a way back; a possibility. Since I can’t be as free as I’d like to be in my embrace of popular references, I’ll go down the road less traveled and see where that takes me.

The above illustration translates to, “I make”. I thought it most appropriate as my personal totem. Perhaps in the future, I’ll use this in something like a t-shirt or a sign hung over my door or something. Maybe I’ll use this as the unofficial motto or logo of my company or have this tattooed on my shoulder. But for now, I’ll use it for my Favicon.


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