Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

…Actually, I never left.

Boy, this constructing new pages and loading them with new content is hard. I’m front-loading again; I’m putting several things in front of other things and hopefully everything will work out nicely. So far, my store is up and running and I’m working on a way to link to it. I’ve added a section to my blog where I showcase the bloggers I follow (seriously guys, if you haven’t already, check them out). I also have a number of projects lined up, hopefully I’ll have the wherewithal to document everything.

Oh, also I thought I’d pop in to say thank you….

                                                                          …thank you…

                                                                                               ….thank you….

I have reached 100 followers. Hooray for tiny accomplishments. Years ago, I was yapping into a void and no idea what I was doing. Today, I have increased my readership and know what I’m doing just slightly more than before. I love what I’m doing and thank you all for encouraging my behavoir.

Well….back to it then….



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