It’s 2 AM and I’m Seeking the Wisdom of The Elders (Warning: May Contain Kittehs)

*Knock Knock* Anybody home?

I stated in my last post that I have not, nor do I have intention to sell any products on my page, and that’s not necessarily so. I spent Thursday night and most of Friday streamlining, tweaking, constructing new designs for projects I’m working on…to sell. Don’t get me wrong, I can sell. I mean, I possess certain characteristics that allow me to facilitate the negotiation ofohgodI’mquotingmontypython…….cheesy convestibles…sigh.

I’ve read Zig Zigler’s so-called definitive work on salesmanship; biggest pile of crap I ever wasted money on. I am not lying, I actually spent money to see Daredevil at the theater…I KNOW!!  Here’s a guy who professes himself a “Man of God”. So much so that he’ll use such upstanding, honest and Christian tactics like blackmail in order to make a sale; “I will turn your own children against you, make you impotent in front of your wife and steal your dog to make you buy this car because JEEZUS said it was okay.” Paraphrasing, but not much. I’m sorry he’s passed, but he made me want to vomit. Reading his book just reinforced my loathing of re-entering the workforce in a sales capacity. I can sell, I just refuse to devolve into a bottom feeder to do so. 

…Okay, not what I wanted to go off on. Over it now….[shakeitoffshakeitoffshakeitoff]

A few more designs, a little more tinkering, maybe a company logo or the beginnings of one, and I’ll be on my way to making pocket change in no time!

I stated in previous blogs that I have no items to sell, nor do I have any intention to sell merchandise on my blog. I also stated previously that I have started down the path of writing fiction. The past 24 hours have been a little dry. Same excuse as always; where to start? After Stumbling tonight, I might have a lead…

Photo courtesy of

Normally, I would breeze right through all the cat articles that land in front of me (because let’s face it, I’ll see a few hundred more cat related things before I pass out for the night) but this one caught me at the right time. As of this posting, this article was written a few days previous. It’s about the cat population of Forbidden City, China, and how the cats have become the unofficial guardians of the area.Visitors and tourists delight in being surrounded by hordes of purring creatures who, more than likely could care less of their presence. I mean after all, they’re guarding The Forbidden City. It’s kind of a big deal.

                for a cat
                               I would imagine….

Okay, yes. I’m like 98% of every human being when they jump on the internet and they see kittehs; it starts innocently enough, one or two memes, maybe a video, then its off to serious work. Next thing you know the sun’s no longer in the sky, your entire family is in bed, and you realize that you haven’t taken the time to pee.  I have a story that I need to start and I have no idea where it is, I can’t be sitting around here wasting time reading a story about a clowder of cats…guarding…Forbidden…City…?

For some reason, I couldn’t stop thinking about the Polydactyl cats at Hemingway Home. For some reason,
I couldn’t help but tying these places together. For some reason, for some strange reason, I couldn’t help but want my story to incorporate such a notion. I don’t know if it will work, I don’t know how it will tie into what I wanted to write, but I have to try.

Now, here is the audience participation part. I would like to know if there are any other places like this in the world. If there is anybody out there who knows of a place in the world (it doesn’t have to be an historical landmark, although it would be helpful) like Forbidden City or Hemingway Home? If there aren’t, then no big deal, I’ll make stuff up because…y’know…fiction.

I’d love to hear from you!

Photo Credits:

Hairy Truman by Rob O’Neal

Ancient Ruins of Petra via Vittorio Sciosia / Alamy


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