Son of a Gypsy

Time has passed. I know that.

A lifetime, as it were.

When I left town years ago, I didn’t look back. Just another band-aid ripped away.
Suck it up.
                   Don’t say good bye.
                                                         It’s only all of your old friends.
                                                                                                              Just like old times….

I’ve made my home here. Amongst strangers.
New neighbors in a new town.
It’s pleasant.
                          It’s quiet.
                                                   No one knows me,
           and I like that.

Coming to terms with a future tense.
My past will find me soon enough.
For now, I’m hidden.
                                   Given full permission…
                                                                          …to start over.

I want to tell all the people I know
That I made it, that I’m fine.
I go to where I know I would find them.
                                                                 And I realize…

              …I know none of these faces.

photo credit: Here


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