Wishful Thinking

Just got out of the shower. I’m documenting this photograph in case I need to improve my appearance in the near future. Just in case I get a job (fingers crossed). Took me a year to get this mop and in all honesty, I’m quite proud of it.

On a related note, it’s been over seven months since I smoked my last cigarette after a lifetime of lighting up. Wasn’t that hard, all I had to do was to WANT to quit. That want had to be stronger than the need to smoke. Quitting was easy, I’ve done it like twenty times. Anyway, I bring this up now because for the past few weeks, I’ve been noticing that familiar “dirty chimney” feeling in the back of my throat. The feeling that you get usually in around sunrise when you haven’t lit up in a while and the back of your esophagus feels like a barbeque pit. Every time I breathe through my nose, that familiar, poisonous air gets inside me. It’s been months since I last lit up. I shouldn’t feel like this, should I?


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