Restoring Faith In Humanity, One Magical Piano at a Time.

 Sometimes I really hate the internet.

A grand piano in the middle of Chicago’s Union Station that is rigged with a camera and operated remotely by an unseen pianist reacts and plays with it’s environment therefore making it in effect, “magical”. Sure, it’s a little hokey, but it’s unobtrusive and the novelty of it is rather sweet. It reacts to it’s environment begging the environment to react to it. Some people dance, some people scream at it, and other people play along. The people that play along, get it. Regardless if there’s a person present to tickle the ivories or not, the magic isn’t that the piano isn’t playing by itself, the magic lies in the simple joy of jamming with someone else.

And yet, regardless of any perceived spontaneity, the haters come out to play. “Muuhhh…it’s staged.” 
“Muuhhh…I like to ruin things because my life is misrable..”
“Muuhhh…they messed up the Turkish March.”
It’s simple, human interaction; humanity at it’s best and yet trolls come out and are compelled to take a dump all over this.

Serves me right for reading the comments on YouTube; Troll Central. I have a question to all the haters: Say that this video was completely staged and none of the people weren’t paid performers, would this video be less interesting? Would you still watch? Furthermore, is it so hard to believe that people would spontaneously break out into a jam session when provoked? Especially if those people have instruments of their own and the ability to play? Is it so hard to believe that some people are actually moved by music? Because if you think that that’s the case, then yours is a world that I’d rather not visit.

This world needs less trolls, and more magical pianos.


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