13 Things….

Stumbling tonight. Had to take a big step back from a Photoshop project I’m working on because I suddenly realized that I can’t draw to save my life. So instead of throwing my mouse through a window, I decided to wind down for the evening by participating in the digital equivalent of counting sheep…

…clicking through Stumbleupon.

And just because I want to brain off as quickly and as gently as possible, I get stuck on Buzzfeed. After clicking through a few lists, I find this video: 13 Things Everyone From New England Knows. As a budding graphic designer, I chuckled a little bit when I noticed the font for the title card is called “Lobster”. But by the end of it, I wanted to stand up and cheer and I never do that for a YouTube video.

To everyone north of Rhode Island, this video will probably move you to an indifferent shrug, maybe an eye roll, maybe a, “Fahqinayrite! Dunkin’ Donuts? Tell Timmy Horton’s to go screw!” But to an expat who resides the furthest away from the Rock Bound Coasts while still within a stone’s throw from I-95, it’s a love letter. It’s a simple affirmation of who I am and a reminder to never forget.

…We are proud of our ghosts…


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