Video Project: Week 2


I’d like to start off by saying that Monday through Wednesday was a wash. By the time I was able to do anything related to this project, my eyes were crossing and my head was inching closer and closer to my desk, which sucks, because I spend eight hours a day, five days a week doing that at work. If I’m fading at home and work, it’s probably a good idea to get to bed a little earlier. Preferably, before Letterman starts his Top Ten List.

By Thursday, it was time to reassess and revisit the mission at hand, which was install Ubuntu on a USB drive so I can take it with me where ever I go, and so it won’t partition my hard drive. For me, for someone whose computer expertise knowledge has atrophied and hasn’t been updated since the late Nineties, it’s a little bit of a daunting task. For other people…it’s a Wednesday. Ubuntu, the new OS that I’ve got waiting on a CD ready to be loaded onto a USB, was not doing me any good just laying dormant on a digitized, circular piece of plastic. It was essentially a Geek coaster for Geek drinks, a Geek Frisbee for inter-office extreme golf tournaments.  Since this Operating System is used and updated by a different breed of computer people, the nature of this beast is that it’s constantly being tweaked and updated on pretty much a quarterly basis. Not to mention that the days aren’t going to get any longer, and the end of December may as well be the day after tomorrow. This needs to move forward this week, otherwise, there is no point. If I don’t pull the trigger now, tomorrow, I might be dealing with a whole new set of problems on a whole new operating system.

I have sought and received boatloads of help from people I’m in correspondence with. People who know what they’re doing. People who have been using this for a while. The problem is, as helpful and wonderful as they are…and they are…they are going off instructions from say, eight months ago. Therefore, speaking in terms of technology, the information that I’m receiving is already antiquated. Trepidation hinders me. Maybe it mostly comes from that guy gene (You know, that guy gene. The one that makes us never stop and ask for directions.) Working with old instructions does little to help with new technology, and sometimes, I don’t need my hand held or to be spoon fed. Sometimes, I’m keen to figure it out myself. Although, sometimes, it’s nice to know it’s there.

It’s exactly like stopping and asking for directions; you know your destination is right around the corner, you just need someone else to see it. You want to ask. You want that warm, matronly caress of assurance to come out of someone’s mouth to prove that you’re not going crazy and that you know what you’re doing and where you’re going. But when all you have at the end of the day to rely on is blind faith, and hopefully a little dumb luck, you have to make the best out of what you got.

“Enough of this doubt thing,” my inner dialogue screaming at me. “You’re a big boy now. Onward, or give up.” Disc loaded in the drive: check. USB drive installed: check. Ability to press F8 at startup: check. Hold your breath, make sure you rise up slowly or you may get the bends. The first step is the hardest, all you have to do is let go.”

12:50…press Return….

The trigger was pulled late on a Friday Night. At start-up,  it was all systems go and everything looking like it was supposed to. Small success. Now, for my next amazing trick, I shall put this on my USB stick and make it bootable! This is where I consulted my crib notes of the information that was given to me. When I was there, I was supposed to….*squints at chicken scratch*, “tell Ubuntu to install as ‘Persistent Install’ so it will be forced to the USB drive.’ ” What I didn’t bother to write down was the part about, “most newer computers will recognize the drive anyway”. I was preparing myself a long night of trial and error. I was coming to terms with the notion that I just may not know what I’m doing. After about a half hour of side-stepping land mines that weren’t there and “taking five” to regroup, I realized that this new version of the operating system has already done the leg work for me. Click install.

….Holy Crap! It’s working….

Three cheers and a tiger for me, that part is done. Onward and upward. It’s Sunday. Girlfriend and the Littlest have gone on a play date, the oldest is about ready to spend the day at her Grammy’s. I have the afternoon to myself. Today will be installing applications and downloading pics and clips. This week, I will focus on taking more b-roll and writing a rough draft of a script.


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