The Psych Up

The little voice in my head is taking over tonight after a quiet moment.

“Okay. You’ve got you’re shiny, new 8GB USB flash drive in the mail today. You’ve found launchpad and kdenlive and they’re both ready to be loaded and played with. You’ve got more than a few pictures and B-roll clips from your vacation on your camera and cell phone waiting to be downloaded and spliced together. You’ve found a number of sites for royalty free music. Sure, most of them sound like porno music, but you’ve sifted through the rubbish and found a few that are exactly what you’re looking for. On top of that, you’ve lined up a couple of CD’s of your own, and for some strange, serendipitous reason, a score of you-tubing musicians have suddenly decided to become your friend. You’ve got a blank page in front of you, but it should be no problem filling it up, right? You’ve got plenty of time and all the resources you need, so let’s get to work! C’mon, let’s jump on that project! It’s quiet right now. Your daughter is falling asleep and you don’t have work tomorrow. Great! Let’s go!…..Let’s goo!…..Le…

…or, we can go to bed and work on it tomorrow.

Good plan. Just like old times….”


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