Turning All My Cheeks to the Wall.

Loaded Statement

Loaded Statement

Yep, the time has come to take a vacation from my leisure activities.

Facebook has been my wind-down activity for about a year now. After the kiddies go to bed, after the girlfriend goes to work, after all other responsibilities have been addressed, I would sit in front of my computer screen, and catch up with my friends old and new, 156 characters at a time.

And for a while, it was good. I would play some games, take a few quizzes, leave some comments and read some articles. At its worst, Facebook is a manipulative time-killer that sucks you into its fold to make you ignore the hours slipping by while you make another clever post about your boring day. At its best, it was a useful platform for budding programmers, target marketers, and raging fanboys. But as of lately, I’ve been joining the ranks of the evil liberal majority. I’ve been joining politically motivated fan groups whose agenda seems to be acting as the Ying to Fox News’ Yang. Whenever the alleged mis-informed start spewing their vitriol, we would all be there to keep the record straight.

But at its worst, it is mentally exhausting to keep up with these morons who more than likely still won’t be bothered to fact-check their own monologues. At its best…well, I’m not too sure what that would be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not flipping sides or anything. I’m still a blue-blooded, tree-huggin’, progressive-thinkin’, war-endin’ Liberal. But I’m tired of screaming at the rain. So I say let the Fox News War Machine burn itself out. Let the racist and ignorant Teabaggers join the ranks of the Michigan Militia and shoot themselves in the foot (because after all, they asked for it). I need a break from facepalming myself every time something like this comes around:

The cycle has to stop. I need to not care for a while. Maybe in a week or a month, I’ll be better humored. But in the meantime, I need to start posting again. I need to start posting things other than snarky comments on Facebook up to 156 characters at a time. I need to start writing things with a little more meaning and substance. I need a distraction, and Facebook just makes me sad. I’ll be back on it someday, but for now, I need to wash my brain out with Listerine.


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