About Anthony Payson

In 2007, I had no idea what blogging was about. Since that time, what would have been scribbled down in the pages of a journal has been offered up for the world to read and hopefully enjoy. I have been blogging for over ten years, which means I’ve been writing longer than I’ve held down most relationships.

I am currently the holder of two degrees, a Bachelor’s in The Performing Arts from the University of Southern Maine, and an Associates Degree in Computer Science from Hesser College. Neither of which have anything to do with my posts, but that’s not important. I come from a long and distinguished line of Jacks of All Trades.

Actor, Cook, Daddy, devourer of Sabras Hummus, aging British Rock Star and part-time Italian Fresco Restorer, I have spent a lifetime being other things for other people, but now I find joy in being one thing for myself. I am now a Creator of Worlds, a Spinner of Yarns, and an avid devotee of the fountain pen. I am a writer. For now, I like who I am.

Which means I am always available for collaboration.

My Freelance shingle will always be hanging on my front page, and I am always open for business. Need a review? A guest post? A product that needs promotion? All inquiries will be responded to in a timely manner. Let’s talk.

I would like to say that my writing is in the style of (fill in the blank with the name of your favorite writer here), but it always comes back to something sounding like me at the end of the day; a graduate from the School of Warrior Poets with a degree in Gonzo Journalism. A compulsive storyteller who would rather use twenty words when five will do.

Finally, since this is a personal blog, I have a tendency to work a little “blue”. (Kids, go ask your parents what that means.) Coarse language and adult situations are all part of the landscape when you mainly write fiction. Just letting you know ahead of time that F-Bombs will be dropped and adults will be adulting.

Thank you for reading.

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